a. Train
Take the train and get off at Yuli Station.

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The Fun of Shuttle

After getting off at Yuli Station, travel to the resort via Yuchang Highway where there is gorgeous scenery all along. After passing by Antong Hot Spring, there is a tunnel (limit 50kmph). Getting out of the tunnel, you will suddenly be enlightened by the magnificent view of the Pacific Ocean and amazed by the sea breeze. The kind of feeling from the wind descending to the ocean is the most fantastic experience.

Fun of Shuttle: We recommend you to contact Dalian Tourism Bus:
【From Yuli city center to Zhunanhu Resort】
Taxi (four persons): NT$600/trip
Van (nine-persons): NT$800/trip

【Half-Day Tour and One-Day Tour Rates】
Tour fees [transportation and guide] vary by vehicle type:
Taxi (four persons): NT$2,000 (half-day tour) and NT$4,000 (one-day tour)
Van (nine-persons): NT$3,000(half-day tour) and NT$5,000 (one-day tour)
※Half-day tour means a tour length of four hours or a tour distance within 50km
One-day tour means a tour length of eight hours or a tour distance within 100km
The additional fee for all vehicle types is NT$500/hour.
Local specialty foods are recommended based on the itinerary.
※Visitors should pay for all admission fees and meals on the trip.

Dalian Tourism Taxi: Yung-Sheng Lin, Responsible Person
Mobile: 0932-651829

b. Car
From Taitung downtown: Take Provincial Highway 11 toward north to Zhunanhu in Changbin (92.5K) via Chenggong.

From Hualien: Take Provincial Highway 11 toward south to Zhunanhu in Changbin (92.5K).

From Yuli: Take Yuchang Highway and turn to Provincial Highway 11 toward north to Zhunanhu in Changbin (92.5K).

c. Car Rental
Taitung CityHotai LeasingCarplusUnion
Hualien CityHotai LeasingFushan Auto LeasingHo ShinPony

d. Bus
Taiwan Tourist ShuttleDiingdong Bus






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