A designer leisure hotel on eastern coast

All fifteen guestrooms in the hotel are designed in different styles by ten designers for guests to choose their favorite style.
In front, the deep blue summer ocean view in the horizon and the greyish blue winter scene of the immense Pacific Ocean are all in sight. Behind, the Coastal Mountain Range is green and filled with vigor. The hotel is dressed in a light and elegant tone, like a chorus to the great green mountains. From daybreak, guests can look at the sun, watch it, chase after it, and fall in love with it. At nightfall, guests can enjoy the boundless galaxy that is also crystal clear and perfect in the absence of light contamination.
It is most fantastic that the house equips every balcony with a natural wood or rattan set of table and chairs for guests to relax themselves in the most comfortable way. With a cup of tea looking at the vast Pacific Ocean, you can spend the whole dawn or afternoon there, reading a great book, humming an old song, or writing a seasonal greeting for a friend afar. In such a moment when we can forget about trivial to adjust ourselves, what else can we ask for?


“Up on the hill”: An attitude for life and a time for mountain seclusion.

If you are looking for a trip for relaxation, you should try something different: a place where you can get rid of troubles and empty your mind. More important, it should be a place where you will not be found! Then, don’t pack the trip with events and enjoy the pleasure of mountain seclusion. A pleasant self-exile, why not? Come to Zhuhu Village now where you can sit in the sightseeing platform of Zhunahu Resort singing for the ocean, watching sunset and enjoying the lunar moon, feeling the rhythm of your free soul, and re-finding what and who you are.


Dawn Resort | Address:No.26-3, Nanzhuhu, Changbin Township, Taitung County , Taiwan (R.O.C.) | Tel:089-832558 | Fax:089-832128
 | |   line ID:nanzhuhu | Emergency Phone:0988-821--197

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